Hardwood Flooring Edge Styles

Defined, edge styles are the finished sides and end joints of each unique hardwood board found within a given collection. Each wood floor that we carry at ReserveHardwoodFlooring.com will feature one of four types of edges:  Square edge, Micro Bevel, Eased Edge, and Beveled Edge.

Unfinished floors are usually always manufactured with square edges and prefinished with micro beveled or eased edges. This is due to the fact that square edge floors may be slightly uneven and sanding is necessary to level this out. 


Square Edge - The edges on these hardwood boards are squared off, resulting in a uniform flat surface and a more formal, upscale look. Usually used exclusively for unfinished but sometimes also used on certain prefinished floors as well.  Because square edges blend so well, they help to keep the aesthetic focus of the floor on its overall pattern.


Micro bevel - The latest technology in hardwood flooring manufacturing, these bevels are hardly noticeable, allowing all boards to look even throughout your home. This edge style helps to emphasize the unique characteristics and width of each individual board, while also helping to hide any minor irregularities. Popular among contractors and interior designers looking to create a relaxed, casual style.


Eased edge - This edge style is very similar to a micro bevel but will have a more rounded appearance. Here, all boards look even with each other and also help to hide minor irregularities.


Beveled edge - Beveled edges will have deeper cuts than eased or micro bevel edge boards. As a result, the unique construction of each hardwood plank will be on display. Cleaning these floors is a breeze as well, as dirt that collects in these grooves can be easily vacuumed or swept out. Also a great option for homeowners desiring a more informal look to their home’s interior space.