FirmFit Waterproof SPC Vinyl Floors

FirmFit Luxury Vinyl Flooring features 3 uniquely-sized collections that are as "fit for life when it happens" as you'll find in the flooring industry. Featuring vibrant colors and versatile designs that mimic both the look and feel of “real” wood and stone textures, these waterproof floors are extra rigid and much more stable to temperature variations and sunlight than traditional LVT flooring. Constructed with a limestone-based core, FirmFit flooring is also highly resistant to heavy static loads and impacts, all while being highly durable and stain resistant enough to handle pets and high traffic areas in homes with active lifestyles. If all of this wasn’t enough, this collection’s low VOC emissions and 100% plasticizer-free core make it incredibly eco-friendly as well.

Click the collection images above for full product specifications and available colors in each of FirmFit's beautiful Gold, Platinum, and XXL collections.

You can also learn more about the outstanding performance benefits that these beautiful waterproof luxury vinyl wood floors by watching the short video below: