White Oak Live Sawn Unfinished Engineered Wood Floors

Reserve Hardwood Flooring is excited to announce that we are now offering the highly desired Live Sawn White Oak flooring in an unfinished engineered option. We offer engineered Live Sawn White Oak in a 5/8" and 3/4" thickness with different wear layers and is available in 5", 7" and 8" widths. Patterned after the famous "European French Oak" flooring, Live Sawn White Oak is sure to be the centerpiece of conversation and provide a long lasting stable floor for your home. 

Using a unique milling process that that includes all the natural grain variations available, White Oak Live Sawn floors are made by cutting straight through the logs, resulting in plain saw and rift/quarter sawn patterns in each piece of wood. One of the eco-friendly benefits of this sawing method is that there is very little waste as a majority of the log is used. By using the "French Cut" or "European Cut" sawing style, the Live Sawn process produces a floor that harder and is more stable than traditional sawing methods. Additionally, Live Sawn flooring typically boasts longer lengths up to 10’ and average lengths of about 5', affording the opportunity for homeowners to open up spaces of all sizes in whatever areas they are installed.

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