How to Measure for Hardwood Flooring

How To Measure:

To obtain an accurate measurement, it is best that you measure your floor by the inch. This can be done by measuring from wall to wall and then multiplying those two distances. For example, if your room is 242” long by 311” wide, multiply those numbers and then divide the result by 144 (square inches per square foot):

242” long  x  311” wide  =  75,262” total inches

75,262” total inches  /  144” in a square foot  =  523 square feet

If your wall doesn’t make a straight rectangle, you’ll need to break it smaller rectangles and multiply the same. Treat a 90 degree angled wall as a standard rectangle. Measure, and then divide by two.

How Much Wood Flooring Should You Order?:

To calculate for waste and any of the minor manufacturing defects allowable in wood flooring, after you’ve got your final calculations, we recommend adding 10% to your final total measurement.

It’s always a great idea to keep 1 or 2 boxes left over for any repairs you may need to make in the future. Brand name flooring from many top manufacturers in particular gets discontinued often, and you don’t want to be stuck with having to scour the internet in order to find a stray plank of flooring to fix an unsightly board that may have been damaged.

Hardwood flooring is typically sold by the box or bundle. It is typically recommended to round a box up rather than down to prevent running short on the job.

Installation Guidelines:

Please note, Reserve Hardwood Flooring does not make recommendations for installation, instead referring customers to the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) guidelines. Through the NWFA, you can also find certified installers local to your area, is needed.

Also, be sure to read our disclaimer on “Moisture Control,” located under the “Tips and Tools” at the top of this page.