White Oak Live Sawn Unfinished Solid Wood Floors

White Oak Live Sawn Unfinished Solid Wood Floors from only $4.70 per SF! A popular and trendy hardwood flooring option among homeowners, designers, and builders across America, White Oak Live Sawn flooring offers all of the the natural grain variations that are present in the White Oak wood species. Manufacturing these eco-friendly wood floors includes cutting the log straight through, allowing each plank to display plain sawn, rift, and quarter sawn patterns. This process results in very little waste as a majority of the log is used. The Live Sawn method (also commonly known as “European Style” or “French Cut”) yields a wood floor that is harder and more stable than traditional plain sawn planks. Live Sawn flooring typically has long lengths up to 10’ or 12’ and average lengths from 5’ to 7’. We also offer 7' to 8' as well as 9' to 10' options where all of the planks come in those special long lengths. These White Oak Live Sawn Unfinished Solid Wood Floors are offered in Select & Character Grades. Choose your next White Oak Live Sawn wood floor from our robust selection of widths and lengths below.