Axiscor Waterproof SPC Luxury Vinyl Floors

Axiscor boasts the latest in rigid core Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) vinyl flooring technology. Available in 5 uniquely-sized collections -- Axis Prime, Axis Pro 7, Axis Pro 9, Axis Pro 12, and Axis Trio -- these waterproof, pet-friendly vinyl floors feature a durable, multi-layer core to produce as stable a floor as you'll find in the luxury vinyl flooring industry. Axiscor SPC vinyl floors are built to withstand heavy traffic as well as a wide range of environmental conditions including extreme temperature changes and even direct sunlight. Surface textures utilize direct print technology affording customers with a wide range of stylish wood, stone, and marble designs and patterns. These LVT floors are easy to install over a wide range of subfloors including concrete, plywood, OSB, particleboard, and even existing tile, hardwood, and sheet vinyl.

Axiscor offers an impressive warranty and also provides customers with a detailed installation guide on how to install waterproof SPC vinyl flooring from their various collections.

Full specifications on each collection's offerings can be accessed by clicking the corresponding images above.