Amendoim Flooring

mendoim hardwood flooring has become very popular as of late. It has become a popular exotic hardwood choice because of its color, hardness, and unique grain pattern. We offer amendoim as a prefinished, solid exotic hardwood.

Amendoim is commonly referred to as Brazilian Oak. It is grown in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. The color of Amendoim has a reddish hue, but also has a more golden cast. The light color of Amendoim can really brighten up a room, and its unique grain pattern gives it a stylish look. The grain is rich in swirls and rings, giving the flooring a lot of character.

Another reason people choose Amendoim for their hardwood floors is its hardness. It received a 1912 on the Janka Hardness Scale, making it harder than maple and red oak. We offer Amendoim as a prefinished solid hardwood. It comes finished with a 7-coat UV cured aluminum oxide fortified finish. The finish is crystal clear, allowing for the hardwood's natural beauty to be visible. The flooring is prefinished natural without any stains, making them virtually mess free and easy to install. Amendoim is fairly easy to work with. You can use hand and machine tools on Amendoim; however, its interlocked grain can cause tear-out. It is also has moderate decay resistance and finishes well.

Amendoim is a fairly inexpensive hardwood flooring option and will give your home the look of the most expensive hardwood floor. Its light coloring and unique grain pattern will give life to any room it is installed in. Amendoim's hardness makes it a great choice for places with higher foot traffic. Amendoim is a great choice for anyone looking for a less expensive exotic hardwood flooring option.

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