Are Knots in Wood Flooring a Problem?

The question: Are knots in wood flooring a problem?

The answer: Not necessarily. It can depend on the type of wood flooring.

On the surface, knots appear to be imperfections in the wood. Wood knots appear in the trunk of a tree where branches have died. That alone would seem to indicate knots are imperfections.

Still, these "imperfections" can be a selling point of hardwood flooring, especially rustic hardwood flooring. Rustic-grade wood flooring can be distinguished from natural-grade hardwood flooring simply by the presence of knots in the wood. Truth is, the knots on the flooring can have little to no impact on the flooring.

There are wood imperfections that can affect the quality of the flooring, including:

  • Broken grooves
  • Broken tongues
  • Split ends
  • Warped boards

However, it's important to note that some of these imperfections will also have minimal to no effect on the actual flooring. You will often find minor imperfections in factory seconds flooring. This is flooring that has not met the manufacturer's standards for first-quality material. This flooring is classified as "seconds". Some of the reasons for flooring being categorized as factory seconds include knots, wood color variation, possible shorter average board length and other minor finish defects.

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