BR 111 Flooring

Exotic flooring is still considered, well, exotic in North America. But the trend is catching on. Exotic flooring, even the more common varieties like Brazilian cherry and tigerwood, offer brilliant colors and contrasting grain. Additionally, another practical factor is their durability: most varieties of exotic hardwood flooring are stronger than domestic oak. Dealers like Hurst Hardwoods carry several types of solid and engineered hardwoods, but many of these come from the leader in the industry, BR111.

BR111 specializes in exotic flooring. With a natural look and bright colors, BR111 wood floors are much sought after. The affordability of BR111 flooring, however, makes the look of exotic hardwood more attainable for the average consumer in North America. No matter if you’re looking for the dark shades of Santos mahogany or Brazilian walnut or want the sharp contrasts of Brazilian cherry, BR111 wood floors have several options for adding exotic hardwood to your home.

Some homes can handle solid hardwoods, while others should go with engineered, and, to target all consumers, BR111 carries all varieties of exotic wood flooring in both varieties. Engineered and solid woods come in prefinished and unfinished options, one may be better for the job you need done. Replacing an entire floor with prefinished hardwood flooring saves time and installation costs, while unfinished is better for matching the new wood with your existing flooring. In both cases, BR111 offers locking flooring that simply needs to be glued or stapled in place.

All types of BR111 flooring offered through Hurst Hardwoods come in First Grade and in plank sizes. BR111 carries several types of exotic woods in plank sizes, all of which are offered through Hurst. Some of the more common varieties include Amendoim, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian walnut, Santos mahogany, angico, Brazilian oak, Brazilian teak, tigerwood, macchiato pecan, and Brazilian hickory.

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