BR 111 Hardwood Flooring

How can you get exotic hardwood flooring into your home? In most cases, a dealer like Hurst Hardwoods will carry several types of exotic woods for flooring. Behind the dealer, however, is a manufacturer and BR 111, the leader in exotic hardwood flooring, has the largest selection in the industry. Although exotic hardwood is relatively new to the North American market, BR 111 shows that getting the vivid colors and hardness is affordable for nearly anyone. BR 111 specializes in exotic woods, all of which have a natural look and bright, contrasting colors.

With a selection of solid and engineered varieties through Hurst Hardwoods, BR 111 covers the entire spectrum of common exotic varieties. Some of the more popular exotic hardwoods carried by BR 111 include Amendoim, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian walnut, Santos Mahogany, angico, Brazilian oak, tigerwood, Brazilian teak, Brazilian hickory, and macchiato pecan. A significant percentage of BR 111 hardwood flooring comes from South America. But, no matter the location, exotic hardwood is characterized by sharp contrast in the grain – a quality seldom found with domestic varieties. All types of BR 111 flooring sold through Hurst Hardwood come in First Grade and in plank sizes.

While any home can benefit from exotic hardwood from an aesthetic perspective, what about the installation of BR 111 flooring? Exotic hardwoods by BR 111 come in solid and engineered varieties. Homes with a radiating heat source or concrete foundation would benefit from BR 111’s engineered options.

Ease of installation also comes from prefinished or unfinished wood, and BR 111 flooring has both options. Various exotic varieties by this brand are already finished, which is helpful when a full floor needs to be installed. Unfinished hardwood is ideal if part of a floor is being replaced. Additionally, locking flooring reduces the amount of installation needed, as the planks simply need to be glued or stapled down.

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