Engineered Hickory Flooring

Engineered hickory flooring from Hurst Hardwoods is a fine choice as an alternative to solid hardwood. Our sawn top layer is nearly as thick as 3/4" solid hardwood and is perpendicularly sandwiched with a Baltic birch core that far exceeds the stability of solid hardwood. This construction results in ultra-premium flooring to prevent bowing and warping. What this means is that you can install beautiful engineered hickory hardwood floors throughout a house.

Solid hardwood is not recommended below grade or in areas with a high degree of moisture or temperature fluctuations. With engineered planks, you can achieve the same beauty from floors that will wear just as well as solid hickory without the risks of solid hardwood floors. Hurst Hardwoods prefinished and unfinished engineered hickory flooring creates beautiful hardwood floors that can be refinished multiple times with a wear layer equal to solid hardwood flooring.

Hickory is a very hard wood, and prefinished engineered hickory flooring is an excellent choice for less challenging installation. Hickory is known for rustic beauty and durable wear. We offer a variety of stain options to help you achieve just the right look for your home with a 25 year finish warranty. Our engineered hickory hardwood floors have a 4mm wear layer and can be refinished three times.

Cutting and sanding hickory can be frustrating for novice do-it-yourselfers due to the challenging hardness of hickory. Our planks feature precision tongue and groove milling and micro-micro beveled edges for installation convenience and uniform results. As with solid hickory planks, installing and finishing engineered hickory flooring is a better option for an experienced contractor. Unfinished hickory is a great option for custom installations.

Engineered hickory planks may be installed from the basement to the top floor of your home. If you prefer solid flooring, you may choose to use engineered hickory below grade, in the kitchen and bath, and for other areas that are susceptible to extra moisture and humidity. Our engineered planks are available in various lengths to achieve the precise appearance you have planned for your home.


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