French Oak Flooring

When you decide the time is right to invest in hardwood flooring, you will have plenty of choices. Both domestic and exotic hardwood flooring offer a stunning combination of great style and great dependability to a home or office. Hardwood flooring can also offer value to a home.

Another wonderful thing about hardwood flooring is the maintenance. Hardwood flooring tends to be easy to clean and maintain. And then there is the look. Clean yet rustic, with a warmth that can be felt every time you step into the room. And, unlike a lot of rugs, the color will not fade for several years.

When choosing hardwood flooring, consider French Oak flooring. Hurst Hardwoods delivers the kind of French Oak flooring you'd be proud to have in your home or office. The French Oak flooring offered by Hurst Hardwoods features both a wide plank and long length. This engineered French Oak flooring 5/8" thick and has a 4mm wear layer.

It's impossible not admire the beauty of this flooring. The aesthetic strength of this flooring is its character. This engineered flooring is made of live sawn oak to give it an old world look while still allowing the floor to maintain its durability and hardness.

French Oak flooring continues to be a popular choice since first entering the U.S. two decades ago. Hurst Hardwoods can bring beautiful French Oak engineered flooring to your home. We ship from more than 50 different locations and can often have the wood on the road within 24-48 hours. We offer convenient online ordering 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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