Hand Scraped Maple Flooring

The beauty and warmth of hand-scraped maple flooring is a good choice for homeowners looking to add the look of traditional craftsmanship and value of hardwood. Hand-scraped maple flooring is available featuring state of the art finishes. Solid hand-scraped maple flooring is suitable for installation above grade and in areas without large fluctuations in humidity and temperature. For basements and other rooms and locations that require greater stability, engineered hand-scraped maple flooring is a beautiful solution.

Hard maple flooring is among the highest-quality hardwood available. Hand-scraped maple flooring features woodworking marks that add a sought-after rustic texture to the boards. Maple's hardness and light grain can present a challenge to sand and finish smoothly, but hand-scraped minimizes the challenge, as the character marks are shown off to advantage. Factory finishes applied to hand-scraped maple flooring are picture perfect and also mediate concerns over maple's grain and color. Rich honey hues of color and time-tested hand-scraped character make maple flooring a very popular choice.

Hand-scraped maple flooring is available in both engineered and solid options. This gives homeowners the flexibility to install the hardwood in all areas of a home. Solid hand-scraped maple flooring has a thicker layer of maple available for greater refinishing potential. A floor abrader will be needed to refinish hand-scraped flooring, or the floor may be sanded and finished smooth for a totally different look at some point in the future. This sort of refinishing is also possible with engineered hand-scraped maple flooring, but the thinner wear layer of maple and the depth of distressing may limit the ability or frequency.

Engineered hand-scraped maple flooring is more stable than solid maple and suitable for installations below, above, or on grade. In stable environments, either hand-scraped maple flooring option may be used, but in areas that are very humid or very dry, engineered is the way to go. Likewise, areas that experience great fluctuations in humidity or temperature are not ideal for solid hand-scraped maple flooring. In homes that use in-floor radiant heat or have concrete subfloors, engineered flooring is a better option than solid. Hand-scraped maple flooring will add depth and character to any room in the house as long as you take these factors into consideration.


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