Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Hand scraped wood flooring is a popular alternative for families with a busy lifestyle. Not only does hand scraped wood flooring look and feel great, it doesn't need as much maintenance as traditional wood flooring. The following will help you better understand wood flooring and how it can be a beneficial choice for your home.

Wood-scraped flooring is exactly the opposite of finished, smooth, traditional wood floors. Scraped flooring is achieved by scrapping, hammering, chiseling, and sanding wood planks to give them a worn, aged look. This look can be achieved through a variety of methods, some as simple as dropping, slamming, and digging pieces out of the hardwood. All methods are performed with the same goal in mind: make the wood look older than it actually is. So why is scraping wood planks to make them appear aged so desirable? The following are some benefits to having hand scraped wood flooring.

Hand scraped wood flooring adds character to your floors, especially as each project is completely unique; no other home will have the same worn-looking floors as you do. Hand scraped wood's natural look makes it virtually impossible for you to spot new dents or nicks. Not only does scraped wood flooring add character to your home, but it is also very easy to maintain and is preferable to families who lead a busy lifestyle.

Where did hand scraping wood floors originate? Hand scraping began with the installation of wood floors in the 1600s. When floors were installed, the planks had to be scraped in order to make them level. This process continued until the late 1800s, when innovation in the wood flooring industry allowed consumers to ditch the scraped look if they wanted to. Now scraped wood flooring is a preference of many who aim to achieve specific interior styles and for customers who are restoring historic homes.


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