Handscraped Flooring

A growing option for hardwood, handscraped flooring gives a space an aged and rustic character. Offered by several brands across many species, handscraped flooring involves physically altering the hardwood to give it such an appearance, through aging, scraping, brushing, or finishing. In fact, handscraped flooring has become so common that not only is it available for solid and engineered hardwoods but laminate brands also attempt to imitate it.

Various methods are used to create handscraped hardwood. As a result, not all types of handscraped flooring are similar. If you are considering adding handscraped flooring to your home, one of the following techniques may be used to give it a distressed appearance.

Time Worn Aged and Antique describe aged handscraped flooring. For the former, the hardwood is distressed by age and, to accent the character, a dark-colored stain may be applied, the grain may be highlighted, or contouring may be used. Antique handscraped flooring is similar, only a lower grade of hardwood is used.

Other techniques involve physically altering the surface of the hardwood. Wire Brushed describes accenting the grain and removing the sapwood. Hand Sculpted creates a smoother distressed look, while Hand Hewn and Rough Sawn offer the roughest appearance and texture, complete with saw lines.

French Bleed and Pegged are two other types of handscraped flooring. The former is characterized by deeper beveled edges, which are then emphasized with darker stain. Pegged handscraped hardwood, on the other hand, is solely decorative and, unlike the others, should not be fastened directly to a subfloor.

Handscraping, even when done by the manufacturer, results in a unique appearance for each plank. If, however, you want to eliminate repetitiveness and uniformity even further, consider Custom Unfinished handscraped flooring. After standard unfinished hardwood is installed, a professional comes in to distress the floor through a combination of pickeling, bleaching, beating with chains, and fastening with antique nails. After all distressing is complete, a stain is applied to the hardwood.


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