The Antique Look of French Oak Flooring

French Oak flooring can deliver a warm, rustic look to the most modern house or building. The antique look of French Oak flooring remains unmatched, even in the hardwood flooring world, where customers can choose from a wide selection of flooring types and designs.

Walk into a home with French Oak hardwood flooring and you are likely to forgot about all the modern appliances that surround you and think back to a time centuries ago. A time when old-world craftsmanship was common, a part of everyday life. The flooring will take to how smaller homes and farmhouses looked in the 18th century. And many 18th homes and farmhouses looked terrific.

The warm look and feel of French Oak flooring is part of its charm. The antique look of the flooring adds to that charm.

French Oak flooring delivers a unique, soft feel. This may sound unrealistic with hardwood flooring, yet it's a reality with French Oak flooring. It's fun to think about this flooring and how it was used in homes centuries ago. How different things were then. That's part of the appeal of antiques. They bring history into our homes. Antique French Oak wide-plank flooring is more than a great choice for home flooring. It's a chance to be able to enjoy a piece of history that will never change or become obsolete.

Hurst Hardwoods can bring this antique feel into your home. Hurst offers European French Oak flooring in nine different colors. This flooring has that antique old world look.


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