The Growing Popularity of French Oak Flooring

If you've decided hardwood flooring is right for your home, you'll have your choice from plenty of options.

French Oak flooring has been gaining in popularity since first entering the U.S. two decades ago.

There are many things that are appealing about French Oak flooring. There are different color schemes from which to choose. Hurst Hardwoods offers nine different colors of European French Oak flooring. Each color is rich in detail. That's because French Oak flooring offered by Hurst Hardwoods is made of live sawn oat to give it that hard-to-match old world look.

French Oak flooring can offer a step back in time to even the most modern of homes. Of course, this is why the flooring is so popular in older houses, such as Victorian or Colonial homes. The flooring is also popular for home renovation. French Oak flooring offers a rustic look and feel, while still being a dependable and durable wood for a modern home.

The use of oak as a building material is not new. Oak floors have been used in Europe for decades. Their popularity might be a relatively new thing here in the U.S. but the floors have a proven record of old-world beauty and craftsmanship.

French Oak flooring's popularity is likely tied to the hardness of the floor and the ability to easily clean and maintain the floor.

Hurst Hardwoods is proud to offer the finest in European French Oak flooring. This gorgeous wood from the forests of Europe comes with a 30-year guarantee.


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