Tigerwood Hardwood

Tigerwood is a very popular choice for hardwood flooring. For exotic species, it is second only to Brazilian Cherry and Walnut. Tigerwood's dramatic striped pattern and hardness are why it has become such a popular choice. Here at Hurst Hardwoods, we offer this unique species in Select Grade, Clear Grade, and #1 Common Grade when available. Clear Grade is the highest grade available and hardest to obtain. Clear grade is commonly found in high-end homes and places of business. Select Grade is the most common grade, and when finished, it is a quite unique and stunning hardwood. #1 Common Grade is similar in appearance to the higher grades, however it may contain sapwood and may have a shorter average board length. In addition to unfinished Tigerwood, we also offer prefinished Tigerwood.

Tigerwood's appearance has medium, reddish brown with irregularly-spaced streaks of dark brown. Tigerwood's color tends to get darker with age. The grain is usually wavy or interlocked with small pores. It is known to have excellent weathering properties and is very durable regarding decay resistance. Unlike other dense, exotic hardwoods, Tigerwood is generally not difficult to work with. It has a Janka Hardness rank of 1850. Tigerwood's irregular grain can cause problems when trying to use a saw on it, but carbide-tipped blades can be helpful in regards to that. Presetting is advised with Tigerwood, and nails will hold better if the wood is predrilled. Tigerwood can be carefully sanded to avoid scratches and will take polish fairly easily. There is no scent associated with Tigerwood, but it is said to have a high resistance to beetles.

Tigerwood is moderately priced and can be a unique alternative when looking for hardwood flooring. Tigerwood is also found in veneers, furniture, cabinetry, carving, and in small wood specialty objects such as pool cues, archery bows, and knife handles.


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