Tips on Installing Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

hardwood flooring is popular in both homes and businesses. It is a very hard wood, harder than domestic woods, meaning it is very durable.

The wood has a warm, dark look and also features unique graining. It is an oily wood and this, along with the hardness of the wood, makes it an easy wood to maintain.

If you decide to purchase Brazilian hardwood flooring, you may want have a certified flooring contractor take care of the installation.

Here is what you will need and needto know prior to installing your Brazilian hardwood floor:

  • A nail or cleat gun that delivers 90lbs. of pressure per square inch. The use of excessive pressure can cause flooring tongues to break.
  • Because the wood is so hard, it tends to dull cutting tools and it very difficult to nail. It's likely going to be necessary to pre-drill the nail holes in order to set the nails properly.
  • 15 lb. black roofing paper for underlayment.
  • Any trim necessary for the completion of the installation.
  • Make sure the subfloor is smooth and clean. Remove any nails or tacks that are sticking up. Make sure the subfloor is not warped or buckled. Make sure the felt is level and that there are no bumps or creases in the felt installation.
  • A few days before you plan to install the flooring, bring the flooring lumber inside to allow it to adjust to the indoor temperature and humidity.

These are tips and guidelines. Every installation process is different and a professional contractor will also have specific guidelines to follow.

Once your new Brazilian Hardwood floor is installed, clean it with a flooring maintenance kit.


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