Walnut Flooring

When it comes to choosing domestic hardwoods, walnut often stands out compared to cherry and oak. Used in homes since the 1600s, walnut flooring is associated with regal and formal character and can dramatically enhance your décor. Adding walnut hardwood flooring typically means planning the space around the wood's unique grain contrasts.

The most notable room with walnut flooring is the Oval Office in the White House, which uses strips of walnut and oak. Nevertheless, the wood by itself has a chocolate color, which is taken from the heartwood. This contrasts with the off-white to tan color of the sapwood. The darker portion of walnut flooring is further characterized by a swirling pattern, in which darker and medium brown grain is mixed in with the already-deep color.

As the only dark domestic hardwood, walnut flooring is related to various exotic species, such as Peruvian and Brazilian walnut. Domestic walnut hardwood, on the other end, tends to be on the softer side for flooring, with a rating of 1010 on the Janka scale. Considered a medium-density hardwood, it is still durable enough for a home with children and pets.

Staining is seldom a concern for those installing walnut flooring. Many choose the hardwood for its notable color and grain pattern. Staining walnut will usually hide its natural beauty and not enhance it. Typically the unfinished walnut would be finished with an oil or water based finish.

Adding walnut flooring to your home may be a significant change to your décor. Because of the dark color, contrast between the flooring, walls, and other pieces is recommended. For example, pairing light-colored walls or white furniture with walnut allows the flooring to stand on its own and not give the space a somber character. Additionally, the color can darken slightly as the wood matures, so its relationship to the rest of the room should always be kept in mind.

Walnut hardwood flooring is easy to maintain. No additional chemicals or cleaners need to be used, and regular wipe-downs with a dust mop will keep up its appearance. Water should be avoided, but cleaning the surface with a damp cloth can be done on occasion.

As a domestic hardwood, walnut flooring is sold in several varieties. Consider adding solid unfinished or prefinished walnut flooring to your home to give a room a different character. If the space has a radiating heat source, engineered walnut flooring may be better suited. The wood is sold in several grades, including select and rustic walnut flooring.


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