What is Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

"What is exotic hardwood flooring?"

It's a question you may be asking once you decide to add hardwood flooring to your home. Exotic hardwood flooring is flooring that is truly defined by its name.

There are many different types of wood flooring that can be classified as exotic hardwood flooring. This means a customer interested in exotic hardwood flooring has many options to choose from.

The basic definition of hardwood flooring is that it is grown and produced from regions outside North America. This is a rather broad definition which means the wood can be sourced from many different regions.

Almost all exotic hardwood flooring is known for its unique look and extreme hardness. If you are thinking that all hardwood flooring is hard, you'd be correct. However, there are different degrees of hardness. Some flooring is simply not as hard as other types of flooring. Exotic hardwoods, like Brazilian Oak and Plantation Teak, tend to be very hard.

There is also the distinct look of many types of exotic hardwood flooring. Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood flooring have distinct, deep colors.

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