When Should You Choose Unfinished Walnut Flooring?

Walnut flooring adds a regal and formal character to your home and can dramatically enhance your décor. It can be used in a variety of designs, from traditional to eclectic, with its fine grain and darker tones making it the perfect choice for adding a subtle elegance to a room.

When choosing between prefinished and unfinished walnut flooring, please consider that prefinished walnut is easier to install and already stained, while unfinished walnut blends in better with existing flooring and allows you to choose the stain for your floor.

You should choose unfinished walnut flooring when you're trying to match an existing floor or preserve the architectural integrity of the space. Unfinished walnut flooring allows you to select your own finish with natural characteristics of the wood showing. Whether you like light-colored wood or dark, a satin finish, or high-gloss, unfinished hardwood walnut floors offer many styles and options to choose from.

You can also choose between American and Brazilian walnut. American walnut has a dark rich brown hue with noticeable light sap wood content, while Brazilian walnut has a light tan, medium brown and greenish hue when installed and a medium dark brown hue and an irregular grain pattern with a large range of color variations over time.

The key advantages to unfinished walnut flooring are:

  • You can create your own unique finish
  • Your floors are uniform, stable, and even due to the sanding and onsite finishing
  • Finishing walnut floors after installing them maintains the natural characteristics of the wood
  • Finishing your walnut floors onsite makes it easier to match the flooring with existing hardwood and interior elements, including furniture and lighting
  • You can apply floor stain finish before sealing the wood, allowing you to choose any stain color for your walnut flooring

Unfinished walnut flooring is an excellent choice for your home. Although it takes more time to install unfinished floors, the result is rewarding, because it offers a greater range of color, stain, and finish options that highlight the wood's natural beauty.


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