Why Choose Unfinished Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is one of those things that never goes out of style, never falls victim to trends. Hardwood flooring will always be popular in homes because the craftsmanship of properly selected and treated wood matches well with the different species of wood available in hardwood flooring.

When choosing hardwood flooring, the question of finished vs. unfinished flooring will come up. The answer always depends on the customer and on what the customer wants from the flooring. It's also easy to see why unfinished hardwood flooring is often the choice. There are many advantages to unfinished hardwood flooring.

Unfinished hardwood flooring allows the customer to adapt the color of the floor to the already-existing decor of a home. Quite simply, it's easier to match with existing hardwood flooring in the home. The color staining process can be customized to match the interior of a home. This means creating a finish that is unique to the individual home.

It's also easier for customized installation, especially for things like inlays.

There may be more choices in terms of exotic hardwood flooring. Some exotic species and plank are only available as unfinished flooring. Unfinished flooring may also hold the natural characteristics of the flooring better than finished flooring.

Hurst Hardwoods knows a little something about unfinished hardwood flooring. Hurst Hardwoods offers high quality domestic and exotic hardwood flooring. This includes species such as red and white oak, cherry, walnut, maple, ash, Brazilian cherry and Brazilian walnut. Many species of flooring are available at wholesale prices.


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