Wide Plank Oak

If you want an original and unique hardwood floor for your home or business, wide plank flooring can give you that. Wide plank flooring is synonymous with cabins and old homes, but can still make a stylish statement in a newer home.

Wide plank floors were used 150 years ago because they took less time to install due to the fact there were fewer pieces. It also eliminated the need to saw large boards into much smaller strips, bringing down the amount of labor. Today, wide planks are used to create a look that is not often used. The unique look of wide planks can really give a room an unforgettable appearance not found in many places.

Oak is a popular choice for wide plank floors. We offer several different types of oak to satisfy a wide range of taste. Oak provides a large color and grain selection and is less expensive than other species. You can purchase planks from us that are up to 18 inches wide and 16 feet long. We offer both finished and unfinished oak planks. We also offer the wide plank oak as either solid or engineered that is smooth or hand scraped. Oak is also a good choice because of its low dimensional change coefficient. The larger the plank, the more likely it is to move. Wider planks are more likely to shrink and swell, causing the boards to bow up. Woods with a lower dimensional change coefficient will be less susceptible to movement. Getting engineered wide plank oak is another option to help prevent this when purchasing larger boards.

Wide plank oak is fairly inexpensive in comparison to other wood species you can purchase. There are many oaks to choose from and they are a great option when looking for wide planks in a variety of sizes. Wide planks can give you a unique, old-fashioned look to your home that is rarely found anymore.


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