Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Wide plank wood flooring is the original hardwood floor. Unfortunately, popularity of strip wood flooring has overshadowed this beautiful historical masterpiece. However, this doesn't mean that strip wood flooring is wide plank flooring's superior. Wide plank has many benefits and appeals, so keeping reading to explore the value of wide plank wood flooring.

Wide plank flooring is traditional and rare. Since the movement towards strip flooring began, fewer and fewer homeowners have chosen to install wide planks in their homes. As a result of this, wide plank flooring has become unique and stylish. You can find wide plank flooring in any variety of wood species, and you are never limited to choosing a specific hardwood, softwood, or exotic species.

So, what makes wide plank flooring, well, wide planked? In order to be classified as wide planked flooring, each piece must be at least three inches wide. Wide planks are commonly cut between five to 20 inches wide, but as long as the boards are more than three inches wide, they are classified as wide planks. The reason original hardwood floors planks were cut this wide is, it was easier to work with wider boards, because you had fewer pieces to install and because it took less time to cut larger, yet fewer, boards. This is no longer a problem in the wood flooring industry of the 21st century; however, wide planked wood flooring still boasts many benefits.

One misconception many have about wide plank flooring is that you are limited in species of wood. This is not true; just like strip flooring, wide planked wood flooring is available for several species. Wide plank flooring of any species wood showcases the beauty and detail of your floors. With fewer pieces to work with and wonderful aesthetic appeal, wide plank boards will show off the hidden details in deep cherry, as well as in Brazilian maple. Also, wide plank wood flooring is environmentally friendly, because most planks are reclaimed or recycled wood.


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