Kahrs European Naturals Wood Floors

The European Naturals wood flooring collection features a 3-Strip Pattern that showcases all the grades that Kahrs offers: European Maple Salzburg (city) -- the clearest; Oak Siena (town) -- subtle variations in tone and pattern; and Oak Ardenne (country) -- rustic and knotty.

This engineered hardwood flooring can be installed using Kahrs' Woodloc installation system, providing a faster installation than most other methods that You'll find. This click and lock method affords homeowners a more even surface with fewer gaps. Constructed with square edges and boasting a 25-year warranty, this 3-strip collection comes in 7 7/8" wide strips.

Kahrs European Naturals 7 7/8" Oak Siena Hardwood Flooring

Kahrs European Naturals 7 7/8" Oak Siena

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